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GH Music really knows mixers. From basic 4 channel unpowered mixers right through to studio quality mixer consoles, we have audio equipment to please everyone. At the most basic level, we have simple, 4 channel unpowered mixers. These include 4 inputs, an output and volume adjustments for each channel. Despite their compact appearance, these mixers feature excellent audio quality and are great for musicians wanted to run multiple instruments through one amp.

Our mid-range mixers include 12 channel mixer consoles from brands including Yamaha, Behringer and Mackie. These types of mixers are suitable for smaller music venues such as pubs and bars. With 12 active channels, controlling the mix of a basic live band setup will be easy with one of these.

Suitable for recording studios, GH Music also offers a selection of high-end mixer consoles with up to 30 channels. Our Mackie 30 channel mixer will satisfy the needs of any experienced audio engineer.

For advice on which type of mixer to purchase, contact GH Music today. We can help with all the technical questions that you might have and advise you the right mixer for your needs.


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