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A wireless microphone will give you a stage free from messy cables and the same high quality sound as any high-end, wired microphone system. We have wireless microphone systems from top brands such as Shure, AKG, Behringer and Sennheiser – favourites for quality and reliability. Speak with the GH Music team today and we can advise you on the right wireless microphone for your requirements.

Shure is a brand famous for producing industry standard microphones. GH Music stocks a selection of Shure wireless microphone systems, such as the SVX24/PG58, which includes a transmitter, receiver, and the famous PG58 microphone. If you are a vocal performer, this is a wireless microphone system that we recommend highly.

AKG is a good alternative to the Shure brand and produces wireless microphones with excellent battery life. The AKG Mini Dual Handheld set includes two high quality wireless microphones, quality wireless receivers and transmitters.

Visit the GH Music shop in Melbourne and you will be able to view all the various microphones in person. Our knowledgeable sales assistants can answer your questions and advise you on the right mic for your needs. All of our microphones can also be ordered online and delivered throughout Australia.


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