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Here at GH Music, we understand that not everyone has a magic pudding, stuffed with cash, always at the ready to pick-up the latest and greatest musical instruments. With this in mind, we have partnered with Australia's Studio19 so you can rent all your necessary gear directly from GH. Thats right, need a new amp for that album you are working on? Need a new flash PA for the tour your band is about to kick off? Not sure which instrument may suit you best? Let Studio19 and GH help make it easy and affordable to get the right gear instantly. Studio19 also lets you rent and apply to buy at any time, or return your gear after the rental period.

Now, because this is a rental system, you can't rent disposable items or personal items.. This means you can't rent a reed, or tuck and roll in a rented T-shirt, but most other things at GH Music are rentable, delectable and ready to go home with you today!

With Studio19 Rentals you keep in touch with the latest technological advancements and features by keeping gear only as long as you need it. You also ensure you will always have the best and most up to date equipment at your fingertips at all times. In many cases you may even be able to claim your rental payments as a tax deduction!

Beginners may be concerned whether the equipment is really right for them, even worse purchase below standard products which can have devastating effects on potential development. Renting lets you try out an instrument and check that it is right for you. Renting for the professionals means you can have access to the best equipment at a fraction of the outright price, so you can always add gear for a specific album recording or tour.

For a low monthly rental you can access the product of your dreams. Products that are available for rent at GH have the rental price and details directly on the product page, but if you need any help, don't hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff that will answer any of your questions regarding Studio19 @ GH Music.