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Compact E-drum Module w/Expressive Drums and Cymbals

The aD5's five full drum kits (expandable) are sampled from real drums and cymbals in a real acoustic space for a playing experience that feels close to the real thing. Expressive, dynamic, and realistic, the ATV aD5 drum module stands at only 8" x 6" x 3" and is easy to throw in a gig bag or backpack for touring and travel convenience. A multi-trigger input with dual 1/4" aux inputs makes for easy connectivity of all your multi-zone pads, and dual 1/4" outputs give you a natural pre-mixed stereo drum sound you can feed directly into a soundboard or recording interface.


ATV aD5 Electronic Drum Module at a Glance:

Intuitive layout gets you set up and customized in no time, Convincing cymbal response for an authentic playing experience!

A graphics-driven interface and minimal button layout give the aD5 the simplest layout possible for the powerful features it has under its hood. A rotary knob lets you breeze through setup options, while a dedicated Home button and Cancel/Back buttons will make it so you never get lost within nested menus.

Convincing cymbal response for an authentic playing experience

The bottleneck in most electronic drum setups today is the cymbals. It's just hard to re-create the delicate response and harmonic interaction that comes from hitting real wood on bronze. But Sweetwater drummers are pleased to report that the ATV aD5's cymbals are some of the most convincing we've played: pumped hi-hats, choked crashes, and ping-y rides all have the characteristics of real cymbals in a real room for an authentic performance that won't wear on you or your audience's ears.

ATV aD5 Electronic Drum Module Features:

    Includes 5 full drum kits with cymbals
    SD card reader lets you add drum sounds
    Accepts 2- and 3-zone pads for authentic response
    Expressive dynamics - responds to ghost notes and rim shots with full bandwidth and coloration
    Sampled from real acoustic kits in a real room for a convincing sound
    Some of the most convincing cymbal sounds on the market
    Studio-quality stereo outputs
    Headphone output for silent practice
    Mini aux-in lets you play along to your phone or MP3 player
    USB port for fast computer connectivity
    Includes multi-trigger breakout cable and stand adapter
    Triggers not included

Experience real drum and cymbal response from the ATV aD5 electronic drum module!